Strategic Partnerships Institutes

The Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships plays an important role in managing the complementary relation between the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and Human Development Resources Fund (HRDF) on the one hand, and the private sector on the other hand. It builds strategic partnerships with the private sector to operate non-profit training units; supervise the provision and development of specialized training programs and curricula that fit into the Saudi labor market; participate in choosing training services providers; issue and renew institutes' certificates; approve the certificates of Strategic Partnership Institutes' graduates; and make sure of meeting the requirements of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and quality control methods, to meet the needs of the Kingdom's labor market with qualified cadres in technical and vocational fields.

Excellence company Role is as follows

  • 1
    Providing consulting services to build and develop strategic partnerships with private sector companies.
  • 2
    Operating the Strategic Partnerships Institutes according to the strategic plan.
  • 3
    Supervising the management and operation of non-profit institutes.
  • 4
    Helping institutes in contracting with training providers from distinguished international agencies.
  • 5
    Coordinating and communicating with the relevant governmental bodies to the benefit of training service providers in support of non-profit training units.
  • 6
    Receiving trainees' applications to join the Strategic Partnerships Institutes in coordination with the Corporate and the training unit.
  • 7
    Reviewing the meeting minutes of the Strategic Partnerships Institutes Board of Trustees and following-up their recommendations.
  • 8
    Helping in activating the relation between employers and the training units to achieve sustainability in the strategic partnership.

Excellence company Record

Supervision of the training program execution for 100 employees in the National Construction Training Center, Al Nairyah Governorate.

The Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships organization of the annual meeting of non-profit training units, under the auspices of His Excellency Governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporate, to share experiences and knowledge and open communication channels among the institutes' directors.

Participation in the informational meeting about the Strategic Partnerships model and Partnerships Institutes at Jeddah Chamber.

Licensing and launching of NEOM Academy in partnership with NEOM.

Licensing and launching of the Logistic Saudi Academy in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry Communication and Information Technology.

Launching the Finance and Accounting Excellence Academy in partnership with Saudi Aramco and a number of partners in the finance and accounting sector.

Signing a new strategic partnership agreement between the Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships and Qoot Association to establish Qoot Academy.

Approval of signing a new agreement for a 3-year internal training between the Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic and Japanese SANKYU Inc. to provide a training program that ends with employment in SANKYU.

Signing an MOU with Namaa Al Munawara to enable the local community's sons and daughters to get vacancies in hospitality and tourism sectors.

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