International Technical Colleges

They are a group of governmental colleges, established in 2013, affiliated with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. They are spread throughout the Kingdom. They are managed and operated by Tamayaz Company, in cooperation with a group of international applied training services providers, for providing a distinct qualitative qualification with the highest quality standards for Saudi national cadres. The colleges give their graduates an accredited diploma from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and open the door for them to work in various careers.

Colleges of Excellence played a key role in operating those colleges, which included

Colleges of Excellence played a key role in operating those colleges, which included

  • 1
    Managing bidding processes and contracts with international training services providers.
  • 2
    Working on providing funding from governmental funding bodies.
  • 3
    Managing operation and maintenance processes of the educational facility between the institution and international training services providers.
  • 4
    Managing unified admission to colleges and supporting trainees' affairs.
  • 5
    Revising and upgrading curricula to be compatible with the labor market requirements and accreditation agencies.
  • 6
    Designing and executing marketing campaigns to introduce technical and vocational training and its importance.
  • 7
    Supervising the performance of service providers and making sure of the training process quality.
  • 8
    Supporting the employment of colleges' graduates.

Colleges of Excellence provided several qualifications in the following fields



Electricity and Welding

Civil Engineering


Information Technology

Business Management

Software and Hardware Engineering

Benefits and features

Many of the International Technical Colleges got vocational accreditations and local and international ranking, including

  • 1
    Approval of the ranking of preparatory programs executed in the International Technical Colleges by the Ministry of Civil Service.
  • 2
    A license for aviation maintenance training school from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in the International Aviation Technical College at Riyadh.
  • 3
    Saudi Council of Engineers introduction of "Technical Engineer" classification to the graduates of Technical Trainers College.
  • 4
    Programs compatible with the requirements and standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in the International Aviation Technical College at Riyadh.

Key Results

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International Technical Colleges