About Us

Every step we take emerges from our passion for excellence

Colleges of Excellence is a leading company that provides technical and vocational training services. It is the nexus between the best vocational and educational services providers, locally and globally; funding agencies; lawmakers; labor market organizers; in addition to agencies responsible for the supervision and assessment of education and training on the one hand, and employers in public and private sectors on the other hand.

Our first journey to excellence set off in 2013. It started with creating a new working model that matches the Kingdom’s working environment. Then we creatively responded to the demands of the technical and vocational sectors to create training solutions and services that serve the needs of the employers for the national cadres.

The company was established by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporate and Takamol Holding to provide their clients through the company with innovative training and technical solutions, in addition, to provide with consultation and training services that meet the demands of the work model.

Compliance with Vision 2030

Technical and vocational education is one of the key pillars of motivating and supporting economic growth in any given country. It improves productivity in agricultural, industrial, mineral, technical, and other sectors upon which the national economy relies. It is one of the key pillars of economic development in any country, and an essential factor for its growth and progress. Vision 2030 education goals aspire to improve the education sector in general, and technical education in particular, as it is considered the main driver of nations' development. Therefore, the Kingdom aspires, through its vision for education, to improve education mechanisms and services, and to work on achieving development in terms of quantity and quality. The services and programs of Tamayaz company meet with Saudi Vision 2030, as it provides comprehensive educational and training solutions based on the best global practices in the technical and vocational field; and practical training Kingdom-wide, which increases efficiency and experience in the practical and educational aspects of the technology sector; in addition to motivating students to engage in those programs, which contributes to offering skillful and experienced labor force in all sectors.    

Our Mission

We seek to empower and raise the efficiency of national cadres through our emergence as a central link to gather expertise, enable professional skills, standards and qualifications, and provide technical and vocational training solutions in accordance with the latest practices, in order to meet the needs of the market.

Our Vision

To become the primary choice for developing and executing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Values

Work with Passion

We bring passion and energy to work to go beyond what's expected, and always take initiatives to create better outcomes.


We take decisions with integrity and courage. We are always responsible for our decisions and actions towards ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, our company,
and our community.

Customer Focus

The customers are always our top priority. We partner with them to understand their needs, expectations, give them the excellent solutions and make their experience better.